Cultural Exchange: Collaborating with artisians of Tokat

Stuck to the Floor, 2013
Drawing for blockprinted products to be made by and in support of artisans from the Black Sea Region of Turkey
A project organized and commissioned by Chouchette
Photos and text: Chouchette

Untitled 2IMG_0491_tokat

The story of Chouchette’s efforts begins in Tokat, a town in the Black Sea Region in Turkey. Chouchette was started with the mission of fostering collaboration between professional, international artists with traditional artisans of Tokat to produce high quality, contemporary accessories utilizing ancient wood block printing methods developed and practiced since 7000 BC.

Chouchette aims to build means for those in traditional art forms to maintain economic stability in modern times while simultaneously keeping ancient crafts alive.

Chouchette commissions artists to create special drawings suitable for the woodblock printing method. These drawings are sent to the wood carver in 
Tokat. Mr. Ömer, who carefully carves out the
 illustrations from linden tree to preserve the
 finest lines.

IMG_4235_kalip IMG_4227_lamp_basilirken IMG_4264_stuck_baski

Due to the size limitations of the wood blocks and in order to reproduce the composition created by the artists, our wood block print master Ahmet Turan Yaşın dips the block into liquid dyes each time to print the fabric continuously to complete the illustration.

ChfabrikWood block printed fabrics are dried for at least 24 hours or preferably 48 hours in warm temperature. The dye needs to cure with the heat, yet humidity and direct sunlight are not appreciated.

IMG_4509_boyaz_kazani_b photo_web IMG_4476_kuruyan_kumaslar
 After the dyes are cured, fabrics are dyed in boilers while being continuously stirred.. get rinsed in pools… and dried once again.

Imperfection makes unique: Every Chouchette hand-printed accessory is a limited edition, in order to give the conscientious buyer something unique in the true sense of the word. Print imperfections and color variations may be the surprise, adding more tone and color to our accessories, each accessory carries its own identity and differs from the other.

Artist Cris Dam collaborated with Chouchette for our 2013 Summer Collection.

Chouchette is founded on the principle that good design should be creative, functional, simple and eco-friendly.

damlineCris Dam’s drawing on finished products made by Tokat artisans:

chbg chsh1

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