Dam Stuhltrager

dsg1DAM STUHLTRAGER began in 1998 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as a project by Cris Dam and Leah Stuhltrager. The gallery became known as an incubator of emerging talent and for groundbreaking exhibitions that incorporate technology or utilize mediums in a new, fresh way. Believing in building careers for artists, Leah Stuhltrager and Cris Dam continue to work with many of the same artists as when they first began. DSG artists have shown in top international museums, been in biennials across the globe and completed Public Art projects for some of the most visible venues in the world. A decade’s history is archived on DSG’s site.

A DSG Berlin annex was started in 2010 to serve as a venue to host noncommercial projects and an international residency program. In 2012, Dam Stuhltrager Berlin transformed into The WYE a 20,000 sq ft space.

Dam Stuhltrager Brooklyn, 2008. Photo by David Makman.

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