Public Art: Mural for Entrance to Children’s Park

Urban Lanscapes #1, 2012
60-foot mural for entrance walls to Ökozentrum, an important community park in Neukoelln, Berlin
Sponsored by The American Embassy
Curated by Verity Oberg
With the children of elele Nachbarschaftszentrum and Kiosk e.V.

The massive entrance walls to the Ökozentrum on Hobrechtstrasse in Neukoelln are about to get some much needed attention. Guest painter Cris Dam, international art institution The WYE, elele Nachbarschaftszentrum and Kiosk e.V. have forces to re-energize this important neighborhood site through the power of art.

Dam will work with two groups of local children (ages 9-12) to create a vibrant mural depicting a fantastical garden scene within a city. The established international artist and young emerging talent will paint lush grass, abstract flowers, a colorful cityscape and blue sky to cover the current faded, defaced walls. This mural project is an effort to encourage local children to use art to make a positive, visible difference in their community.

This Public Artwork is viewable 24×7 indefinitely.
damlineInstallation and creating with the children of Berlin:

damlineThe finished 60 foot public mural:

damlineBehind the scenes: Curator, C.Dam & kids:

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