about1Cristobal Dam (Christopher Dam, b. 1976) was raised in Alaska and Spain. He moved to New York City in his teens where he grew into a painter, curator, and community organizer. For over two decades, Dam’s art has channeled his origins and talents to unite diverse cultures that each uniquely contribute to life being robustly lush.

Cofounder of Dam Stuhltrager in 1998 – one of the early galleries catapulting Williamsburg’s dawning – Cris became a figure in Brooklyn’s burgeoning creative scene. Dam Stuhltrager was an original member of WGA (Williamsburg Gallery Association) and founded WAC (Williamsburg Art Central), which organized the first neighborhood Open Studio event. Dam also spearheaded contemporary Williamsburg’s earliest international city exchange with Madrid.

Dam Stuhltrager Brooklyn. Photo by David Makman, 2008.

In 2009, Dam Stuhltrager expanded to Berlin, opening a small, 6 month project space that gained such momentum it transformed into The WYE – a cultural hub now recognized as a leading Art/Tech space spanning 20,000 sq ft of the iconic Post Building.

Dam Stuhltrager grows into The WYE, re-purposing Berlin’s historic Post building. Photo by I. Bornholdt, 2012.

A member, friend, and advocate of art (in the grandest sense of the word), Dam also teaches at Norwalk Community College (Children’s Horizons Outreach Program) and organizes public art projects with youth in both the States and Germany. In 2020, Dam founded URSA, an experiential gallery showcasing modern art and design, located in the historic Arcade Mall in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Dam sees his role as extending beyond creating paintings to progressing culture. He currently tries to find some humanly possible balance between the lives with his family in Westport, the creative community in Brooklyn, and his team founding a legacy at The WYE in Berlin.

C. Dam installing his exhibition at Dam Stuhltrager Brooklyn. Photo by L. Stuhltrager, 2008.

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